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I am an artist living in San Francisco. I am currently making large watercolors and soft sewn sculptures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I sent these guys off early this month, I had been carrying them around for a while and miss them. I used different types and weights of cotton muslin and hand felted the wool shapes. The flowers were made out of a mix of animal skins. If you are in NY they are on view on the the second floor of  Claire Oliver. The main gallery is featuring a show of Canadian artists and it looks really interesting and I am sorry to have missed it.

Six Degrees of Separation: A New Generation of Canadian Artists
Oct 14th, 2010 to Nov 13th, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation Press Release
Guest Curator Noah Becker
Featuring works by: Graham Gillmore, James Nye, Alex McLeod, Frank Torng, Angela Grossmann, Ben van Netten, Trevor Guthrie, Noah Becker, Attila Richard Lukacs, and Catherine Heard

some finished paintings and drawings

I dropped these off last month to the gallery when I was in NY. I took some quick pictures before packing them up and as usual my camera skills prove to be dismal. It is hard to tell in these pictures but I was experimenting more with papercutting and layering. 
                                              untitled   graphite, ricepaper, silk on paper
                                             pretty please    watercolor, silk ribbon, on paper
                                             soft grey spot    watercolor, on cut paper
                                             dreamers     watercolor on cut paper 
                                                           between me and you     watercolor on cut paper